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We work globally to help food processing companies to valorize food-byproducts by providing the necessary processing technologies and ingredients to unlock their potential. Millions of tons of Macro-nutrients like Proteins and Fibers are lost during industrial food processing every year.

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8'000'000 tons

That’s the annual amount of Brewery Spent Grain (BSG) in Europe, the main by-product from beer production, that is treated as a DAILY waste.


The gobal market of grains and legumes, that can be supplemented by ingredients derived from by-products

What we do?

Leveraging advanced stabilization technology, ProSeed converts overlooked by-products into high-quality Barley Flakes. These serve as the foundation for specialized flours and protein concentrates that food manufacturers crave. 

The first step, is to procure the raw materials from byproducts. We developed and provide the necessary processing technology to produce ingredients from byproducts. Industrial food and beverage producers can get access to a modular ProSeed Unit that allows for on-site processing of their byproducts. 

ProSeed Unit

The second step, is the refining of the products, that are produced with the ProSeed Unit. In most cases, that is done by milling. We have developed a range of recipies for bread, pasta, meat alternatives and much more. The Ingredients are optimized for each application and it's marketability. 

ProSeed Ingredients

Target impact? 

An impressive reduction of nearly 8 million tons of industrial food waste each year, while supplying the market with premium, sustainable raw materials. At ProSeed, it's not just business as usual. It's a dedicated team driving real change in the food industry. Partner with us to redefine what's possible.