About Us

Our Story

Based right next to a brewery, co-fouders Mateo and Aurélien discovered the untapped potential of Brewer's Spent Grains (BSG). Rather than seeing waste, they saw opportunity.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work globally to help food processing companies to valorize their byproducts by providing gap-bridging technologies in order to eliminate industrial byproducts.

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Our Values

we are dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Committed to eco-friendly practices and transparency, we aim to elevate the food industry with products that inspire and delight.

Meet The Team

Aurélien Ducrey, CEO

Aurélien is the driving force behind the company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the technology, securing our financing and organizing the entire company.

Mateo Aerny, COO

Mateo is the brains behind the ProSeed Units and our pilot plant in Martigny. He was part of ProSeed since day one, and continues to lift ProSeed to new heights.

Tobias Vogel, CPO

When Mateo does his job (as he always does) and the production is running, Tobias is responsible to find the right customers for them. So, if you don't like this website, it's his mistake....

Pierre Bueno, R&D

To make sure we produce ingredients of highest quality. Pierre is continuously working on improving our ingredients, as well as their applications recipes.

Sébastien Moix, Founder Associate

Sébastien is Auréliens right hand and helps him with everything from working on grant applicaitions, administrative tasks and investor relations.

Damien Kichenin, Process & Quality

Setting up a pilot plant and production site is a whole bunch of work! But with Damien we are in good hands. Whether technical challenges, optimization opportunities or hands-on emergencies, he's got it covered.

Our Partners

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