ProSeed BSG Flakes

Those food grade BSG Flakes already have an interesting nutritional profile (protein at 22%, fiber at 56%) and are the raw material for all subsequent ingredients and (semi) finished products. The main functionality of the BSG Flakes is the high water absorption capacity at 4x it’s mass. As there are big fibers present in the mix, the unpleasant mouthfeel prevents it’s use in most applications. Further processing is needed in most cases.

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ProSeed BSG Flour

Milling the BSG Flakes to different particle sizes, leaves us with BSG Flour. These flours can be worked into all kinds of applications like Baked Goods, Pasta, Crackers and much more. Compared to BSG Flakes, the protein content (25%) is increased, while the fiber content (51%) is decreased as all the undesirable fibers are removed. The water absorption capacity is improved to about 5x the mass of the BSG Flour and there is no bad mouthfeel or taste.

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ProSeed BSG Concentrates

When looking for a specific functionality or nutritional claim, we offer protein- and fiber concentrates with different properties and concentrations, depending on your application. They are obtained by physically separating the BSG Flour based on particle size and density, leaving us with a protein-, and a fiber fraction. While still having an impressive water absorption capacity of 5x it’s mass, we can reach protein contents of 40%.

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Wide Range of Applications

Your want to learn, how sustainable ingredients made from by-products can be incorporated in your products?

We are happy to share application examples and recipies with you!